10 Best Backpack Leaf Blower: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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There's nothing as unpleasant as an untidy yard. When it’s autumn and leaves start littering your yard, it’s definitely time to get the best backpack leaf blower that’ll get rid of the litter. 

Backpack leaf blowers have been essential in keeping gardens in pristine condition when it comes to preserving and managing your yard. We should have to know how to use it properly.

By investing in a good quality backpack leafblower, be sure to get some incredible benefits that can’t be matched.

The review below will help you choose a budget backpack leaf blower that would not put a hole in your pocket and yet powerful enough to get the job done. Let's take a look at ten of them.

1. Husqvarna 350BT Backpack Leaf Blower

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To begin with, it must be stated clearly that this is one of the most powerful leaf blowers in the market. Using this leaf blower in a small yard is akin to using a sledgehammer on a fly. 

We would advise you to get by with another, less powerful leaf blower. On the other hand, this leaf blower is perfect for large yards, gardens, estates that frequently gets littered with leaves.

The Husqvarna 350BT seems heavy when carried (weighs close to 23 pounds) but is surprisingly well-balanced and comfortable when strapped on. When worn the harness evenly distributes its weight and can be worn for long periods of time to work. 

The handles are adjustable, the shoulder straps are padded, and it has a hip belt that makes it one of the most comfortable devices in the market.

The HUSQVARNA 350BT is quite easy to start, and you can also lock in any speed you desire. Maintaining this leaf blower is the same as your regular fuel-powered machines. 

What it involves is checking and cleaning the air filter, starter, cooling system, fuel tank and replacing the spark plug, as stated in the manufacturer's manual.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Spreads evenly across the body when carried
  • Starts without difficulty
  • Very durable
  • Cruise control feature
  • Not difficult to assemble

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • Consumes storage space.
  • The tubes aren’t easy to take apart
  • One function breaks, you may not be able to use any of them.

2. Echo PB-580T Backpack Blower

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This is another device that’s quite powerful. In actual fact, its engine of this leaf blower has enough power to create air speeds close to 215mile/hour. As you can imagine, it can blow over even the most difficult and hardened piece of waste in your yard.

This backpack blower features a 2-stroke engine with a tube-mounted throttle that will guarantee the development of potentially great amounts of power that you can use for cleaning debris off your yard.

The beauty of this leaf blower is that it’s very easy to adjust the speed and the power of the device while it’s working. There is a throttle where you can modify to enjoy the device to its maximum potential. Different debris types and levels means that you will need to use different settings.

But this backpack blower makes it all worth your investment due to the easiness to change the speed and power during operation.

This leaf blower features a two-stroke engine, and the durable design means you can transport it around the yard without feeling encumbered. 

The materials from this leaf blower is made up of of plastic, but it accomplishes the job packed with power and blows objects around the yard with ease.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Transparent tank to keep an eye on the fuel tank levels.
  • Leaf guard to stop debris and leaves from clogging the blower intake and overheating.
  • Manual start-up for efficiency.
  • Metal wear ring closer to the end of the tube to prevent overheating.
  • Air filter to promote filtration and lengthen the engine life.
  • Includes a five-year warranty.

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • Significantly louder than other backpack blowers.
  • Heavier than average.
  • Warranty made void for professionals.

3. Dewalt DCBL590X2 Review

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The DeWalt’s backpack is designed like the contemporary pro gas blower model. This leaf blower is fitted with adjustable chest and shoulder straps together with back support that goes a long way in efficiently redistributing the weight of the batteries and motors. 

The weight distribution would have been better if the blower came with a hip strap.

A big plus for the DeWalt DCBL590 is that it comes with two 40V Max Batteries. When it comes to kits, DeWalt means business. As at the time of this review a bare tool is not available. 

The blower also comes with one 7.5 amp hour battery, sometimes two. Anything other than this would leave customers with an unpleasant experience.

The leaf blower uses joystick style controls to deliver air. DeWalt goes for the traditional gas blower style tube with a smaller diameter rather than the newer wide open tubes. 

With the way the backpack is designed, the air is blown through a tube round the motor. There is also a battery switch attached to the joystick controller that lets users select which battery to lock or to use for the blower in the course of transportation.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Operating time lasts long.
  • Lower than average noise level.
  • No real difference in weight.
  • No long-term maintenance.

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • The battery takes time to recharge.
  • Not suitable for left handed people.
  • Not as powerful as regular gas blowers.
  • CFM is Lower than average.

4. Makita BBX7600N

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This leaf blower is on the expensive side and a unit is rated commercial grade. It is not too heavy, doesn’t make too much noise and is very easy to use, these features makes it a good choice for homeowners especially for those that have large yards.

A key feature of this device is the 4-stroke engine, users don’t have to mix fuel anymore and it generates less noise (no ear protection is needed) and smoke. 

The device is fitted with back panel and padded shoulder straps that’s makes wearing comfortable.

It is very easy to assemble, you can use lubricant if you encounter issues when assembling the tube parts. An extra hip belt is added that lessens the impact of the vibration on users which makes it suitable to use for long periods of time.

The Makita BBX7600N is quite good that it can be used to clear snow, debris and leaves.

Reasons to Buy:

  • 4 Stroke (cycle)
  • No need for Fuel Mixing
  • Compact Design
  • Is not heavy
  • Emits less noise
  • Soft grip for less vibration
  • It has a cruise control lever to reduce fatigue for the user.

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • It is expensive

5. Husqvarna 150BT Backpack Blower

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Husqvarna has carved a niche for themselves in the leaf blowing industry. The beauty of the Husqvarna 150bt model is that it has the comfort of the user in mind, the backpack is padded with a harness made to curve and fit the shape of the users back for maximum comfort.

This design makes it easy for anyone regardless of size to use it without discomfort. Adjustable straps were made with the harness to loosen or tighten it as you please.

High Air Flow Rate

The air flow of the Husqvarna 150BT Backpack Blower is 392 cfm, while the air flow for the pipe is 434 cfm. In general, the airspeed is about 251 mph but the airspeed decreases to a speed of 214.75mph when you attach a nozzle.

This speed is quite impressive for a leaf blower that’s not heavy, this is the reason why it is a huge hit with most users and professionals alike. The air flow rate is considered a bargain when you compare it to the price you pay for the model.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Lightweight can be carried for extended periods.
  • Easy to assemble and start.
  • Comfortable to wear for many hours.

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • No option for leaf vacuum along with the blower
  • A little more expensive compared to other available models.

6. Greenworks PRO 80V Blower

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This is one of the best devices produced by GreenWorks. It is battery powered and would give users a runtime of about 70 minutes when the trigger is pressed nonstop on a single charge. 

A single charge takes about 30 minutes to get full, to avoid being stuck we advice that you get a spare battery.

The leaf blower comes with an air speed of 125 MPH and a 500 CFM rating. With this speed you can easily clean up debris, wet leaves and all forms of clutter in your yard. 

The device is relatively quiet with a noise level of 60 Decibel at full speed. This comes as a plus if you live in a residential apartment and wouldn’t want to inconvenience your neighbors with the noise

While working with the Greenworks PRO 80V Blower, you will hardly feel a thing as it weighs about 8.2 pounds, which is quite insignificant.

Reasons to Buy:

  • It is lightweight.
  • Reduced vibration that leads to extended work time.
  • Requires little maintenance.
  • Battery can be used for other tools and appliances.

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • Difficult to push on steep grades or hills because it is cordless and not self-propelled.

7. Echo 234 PB 770t Backpack Blower

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This Leaf Blower is one of the best and most powerful coming from the stables of Echo. The Echo PB770T backpack blower comes with a tube mounted throttle. 

Tailored for expert landscapers and users with a vast expanse of land that requires maintenance.

This Leaf Blower lives up to the hype of being a quiet, powerful, productive, and emits less noise when put to work, yet performing the task at hand with ease.

One of the key features we look out for is the ease of use and the Echo PB 770T Backpack Leaf Blower doesn’t disappoint as it is designed with padded back rest and shoulder straps that evens out the weight when worn.

An exclusive vented back pad allows for air to circulate well without hindrances. It also comes with a side mounted heavy duty dual stage air filtration. 

With an air speed of 234mph and air Volume 756cfm no debris or wet leave stands a chance when it is in use. It has cruise control to maintain speed and a tube mounted throttle for easy control.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Lightweight weighs 24.3 pounds.
  • Low noise.
  • Weight is evenly spread when carried.

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • It’s on the expensive side

8. Husqvarna 580BTS

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Most leaf blowers come with thick, padded straps the Husqvarna 580BTS backpack blower comes first when it comes to comfort. This is the only leaf blower that comes with waist and chest straps, with its weight settling well across the back and hips.

Ironically, as comfortable as this leaf blower is, it’s one of the heaviest. Some of the reasons are because it comes with a very large tank.

The backpack leaf blower comes equipped with an active cooling system, which cools down the operator while working by pulling air across the operators back. If there is a major con of this leaf blower it is that it consumes some fuel.

Conversely, the Husqvarna stands out when compared to other leaf blowers in terms of work efficiency. Due to the size of the tank it can run about an hour or more before it stops working.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Very comfortable
  • The active cooling system is a huge plus

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • Consumes a lot of fuel

9. Troy Bilt TB4BP EC

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The Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC 32cc 4 Cycle Backpack Blower is an excellent device that has the user in mind as it prioritizes comfort and power. 

Is there a particular space you can’t reach in the garden? You’re covered with this leaf blower thanks to the new flexible tube that substitutes the old solid tube. Though this device comes with new features it’s not hard for new users to assemble and start using.

The Troy Bilt TB4BP EC impressively mixes power and comfort. The air speed is about 150 mph and 500 cfm while being comfortable to use during work.

The device is perfect for users with a large expanse of land to maintain, homeowners, lawn care business etc., with a fuel tank that is large enough to last you throughout your work cycle. The device has an inbuilt system to improve work efficiency and speed seamlessly.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Very easy to use
  • Fully equipped with a fully tensioned support system
  • The flexible tube system makes navigating tight spaces

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • Model comes with an engine starter that must be separately bought.
  • Has to be used on hard surfaces only.

10. Poulan Pro 48cc Backpack Blower

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The Poulan Pro 967087101 48cc Backpack Blower is the go to device for users in need of a machine to quickly take care of their lawns, large estates and gardens. This is one machine that is sturdy yet extremely powerful. 

With speeds of up to 200 mph and an air volume of 475 cubic/minute. The task at hand will be executed in no time and with ease.

The device come fitted with a 2 stroke engine and can work for extended periods of time. It is also designed with a speed throttle control that is very easy to use and it also has cruise control which you would come to appreciate while working.

Built and assembled with the best and durable materials in the market. The frame is heavy duty and very durable and is also equipped with a backpack strap to aid in even distribution of the machine’s weight. 

The Poulan Pro 967087101 48cc Backpack Blower was designed with durability in mind, so no matter the amount of work this device would work well without hitches.

Reasons to Buy:

  • Very durable
  • Great air speed

Reasons Not to Buy:

  • Quite costly
  • Noisier that other models.

Backpack Leaf Blower Safety Tips

When using leaf blowers, there are some safety guidelines to adhere to not just to protect yourself but also the people around you and the environment included. This would help you avoid having issues while you’re at work.

  • Obey local laws
  • Choose a leaf blower with a low noise level
  • Avoid using very early in the morning or late at night
  • Check the direction of the wind and avoid pointing the nozzle at people, houses, cars or pets
  • Ensure you do not blow debris toward open doors or windows.
  • Do not leave your blower unattended while it’s still running.
  • Save fuel by reducing throttle speed, and reduce noise by attaching a nozzle

Electrical Requirements for Backpack Leaf Blower

A major requirement for electric leaf blowers is that they are generally held by hand and they come in two types, corded and cordless. 

For the corded leaf blowers to work, they need to be connected to a power socket while the cordless backpack leaf blowers work on batteries that are rechargeable. Examples of batteries that are use are rechargeable 18-volt Ni-Cad or 18-volt Lithium-Ion.

An important thing to note is that the mobility of the leaf blower is limited to the length of the cord and may not be comfortable dragging around while working. 

The leaf blowers that use batters limited by the strength of the battery. Sometimes, an electric leaf blower may be equipped with a mulcher or a vacuum attachment.

Buyer’s Guide: The Best Backpack Leaf Blower

With so many options available, choosing the best backpack leaf blower can pose a serious problem to users out there. 

When you take a look at most of the leaf blowers across board, it looks like they all have the same features, the difference lies in the little details. It is not necessary for you to go through each backpack leaf blower brand one after the other, we have taken that burden off you.

In the long run, going through detailed reviews pays off and getting insight from other users experiences. Most manufacturers will say their products are the best but if you conduct further research you would discover some pros and cons. 

A deep understanding on the features and functions of a backpack blower can influence your decision making. So, what are the things to consider before purchasing a leaf blower.

Things to look out for

Weight: carry the device, strap it on your back, consider you’d be wearing it for extended periods of time and see if the weight does not hinder you. If your yard is small, go for a small cordless unit, and if your yard is big, then a bigger leaf blower should suffice.

Noise: the leaf blower would not be far from your ear when using a backpack blower to work. Make sure you check the noise level of the leaf blower as it may affect your hearing in the long run due to the level of exposure, it could also be a disturbance to those in the vicinity. Smaller leaf blowers generate less noise and vice versa.

Power: The power of the leaf blower is directly connected to the size of the motor. Typically, a gas leaf blower most times have more power when compared to an electric leaf blower. Electric blowers are used best for small scale operations, like a small yard. 

From our research, we discovered that the strongest leaf blower are gas powered, so the scale of the work should determine the type of leaf blower to go for.

Air speed: The speed at which the device blows air should also be noted. Although, it may not really affect your work but it should be taken into consideration. Gas leaf blowers generate more air speed as high as 170mph when compared to electric leaf blowers.

Comfort and Convenience: Lastly, if you would be using your device for long periods, you have to make sure it is comfortable, i.e it has comfortable and padded harnesses, a hip belt to ease carriage. A leaf blower that doesn’t vibrate too much will also go a long way in reducing the pressure to your back.

With the correct inverter and installation practice, it can be a great asset for you as a driver. However, there are protections tips you need to follow when using one:

What Backpack Leaf Blower Should I Buy?

After a looking at other models and a thorough review of each, the best backpack leaf blower we’d recommend is the Husqvarna 350BT. This leaf blower ticks all the boxes, but its outstanding features are the power and its price. 

Other backpack blowers would give it a run for its money, but this device beats them when it comes to its maneuverability and light weigh. This is the product to go for if you’re looking for the best backpack leaf blower for the money.


In conclusion, personal preferences take preeminence when choosing a backpack leaf blower. If you have noticed during the review, nearly all the devices come with the same features with slight differences, although some manufacturers go the distance and deliver more.– be it power, durability, ease of use or comfort, hence the need for this review. 

It is left to you the user to make an informed decision to select the best leaf blower that would perfectly suit your purpose.

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