Guideline For How to Use a Backpack Leaf Blower Safely

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Have you recently gotten a leaf blower at an affordable price? You have! Maybe you are wondering how to use a backpack leaf blower safely.

We are here to help! We all know that with fall come pumpkin pies, hot apple cider, football, and leaves. For some, there are loads of leaves. With a budget-backpack leaf blower, it can make your autumn chores a breeze.

However, it is worth brushing up on some helpful safety tips before getting started. The strategy is to use the device effectively to gather the bulk of leaves in the garden into large piles.

By doing this, you can remove it by hand or with a tarp. Do not think you will be able to blow away every leaf, as it will drive you crazy.

After using the blower, you can always follow up with a leaf rake to make sure you get the stragglers. Depending on the model, the vacuum one is best for smaller jobs and suitable for reaching leaves trapped around the base of fences or tight spots around the home.

Further, it is a great garden tool to get leaves of the deck.

Timing and Technique

The best is to use your leaf blower on a day when there is no wind and timing is essential. If you are not able to achieve this, the best is to blow the leaves in the direction the wind is blowing. By not doing, this becomes counter-productive.

Always make sure the leaves are dry as it makes the foliage easier to remove than blowing wet undergrowth. Do a moisture test of a leaf pile by directing the nozzle of the blower at the base. If the heap barely budges, instead go ahead and do another chore, and come back when the ground is drier.

Another important thing is technique, as you need to plan where you want the leaves to land. Take a tarp and place it in the spot where you plan hauling the foliage to make a compost heap. When blowing it into a compost pile or wooded area, make sure to do it in sections.

Once you have blown the leaves to the designated spot, separate it into six sections at a time to blow them to the final destination. Only work in one direction. By doing this you prevent it from blowing all over the place or into an area, you have already worked.

Make sure to hold the blower by your side by pointing the front section to the ground at a shallow angle. Move with a back-and-forth motion, stroll with the leaf blower in front of you. 

Safety Using a Backpack Leaf Blower

A leaf blower is a convenient tool that will help make your yard maintenance more manageable, but they do come with different safety concerns. The garden tool can cause injuries from cuts, pinches, bruises, fires, electrocution and eye injuries.

When Operating a Backpack Leaf Blower

Safety Using a Backpack Leaf Blower
  • Never work with a leaf blower if you are tired or perhaps taking a prescription for drugs as it increases the risk of an injury. Further, always make sure the machines not left unattended.
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    Always tie back your long hair and remove any loose jewelry or clothing. Put on safety equipment such as goggles and noise-canceling headphones. You can also use a dust mask to prevent inhaling in the pollutants.
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    For a secure grip, you can wear garden gloves as it helps prevent your hands blistering or getting cuts.
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    Are you using an extension cord? At all times make sure it is out of your way, as it can become a trip hazard. Also, most importantly use an outdoor-rated cord and make sure the three-pronged grounded plug is plugged into a proper outlet.
  • Before starting with your yard maintenance, walks through the work area to clear it of rocks and debris that can become a projectile when blown.
  • Never use the equipment on a ladder or roof and if you do need to make sure, you are safely strapped with a harness.
  • If you have a gas-powered backpack, leaf blower make sure to clean the spills up promptly and give your hands a good wash after use.

Cleaning the Backpack Leaf Blower

Cleaning Backpack Leaf Blower
  • Unplug the tool before giving it clean or changing attachments.
  • Make sure to change the air filter according to the manufacturer recommendations to prolong the life of the unit.
  • Make sure to change the air filter according to the manufacturer recommendations to prolong the life of the unit.

In case of an accident, stop using the equipment immediately and disable the power source. If you only have, a cut or mild injury remove yourself from the area and get the first aid kit if necessary. For a more serious incident, do not hesitate to contact 9-1-1 for assistance.


No matter what budget-friendly backpack leaf blower you have, always make sure to follow the safety tips. Never point the end of the device towards your pets or family and check with the municipality at what hour of the day you can use the tool.

Give your neighbor a courtesy call to inform you that you will be making a bit of noise. By removing debris during fall keeps the outside of the house attractive and free of leaves. Further, it prevents a fire hazard, intruding rodents, mildew, rot, and mold.

By using the leaf blower correctly, you can comfortably remove leaves quickly and safely from the yard. With a couple of simple steps on how to use, the leaf blower makes it more enjoyable and safe the next time you use it.

Have an enjoyable leaf blowing experience—and we hope the wind does not blow too much!


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